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  • What’s MG Reading: The Cali Drought, Part 1

    What’s MG Reading The Cali Drought, Part 1 With the driest year on record, and an ongoing dryspell that has everyone in the state baffled by the lack of rainfall –  all eyes are on the future of California’s water.  Whether you’re a small rancher worried about the health of your herd and your livelihood; Read More »

  • Confessions of a Climate Denier in Tunisia by Miya Yoshitani

    Miya Yoshitani, Associate Director at the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), joined the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance delegation to the World Social Forum in Tunisia in March.  This is her compelling blog reflection, originally posted at ggjalliance.org.  Visit GGJ’s website to learn about report back conference calls being held this week! ************************ “We will not Read More »

  • What’s MG Reading (Watching)?

    Vandana Shiva on Int’l Women’s Day: “Capitalist Patriarchy Has Aggravated Violence Against Women” Democracy Now! Interview March 8, 2013     On International Women’s Day, Democracy Now! conducted a compelling interview with Vandana Shiva. We recommend viewing it!  Dr. Shiva makes a powerful connection between patriarchy, capitalism and Earth Democracy. In the interview she says: “the multiple Read More »

  • Honoring the 44th Anniversary of the Black Panther’s Free Breakfast Program

    By Marc Mascarenhas-Swan January 2013  First day back at school, and I couldn’t help but think of, and thank, the Black Panthers, when my 8 year old daughter went to go and collect the free breakfast for her class from the cafeteria. She handed out, Whole Grain Banana Bread, Low Fat Milk, and Gala Apples, Read More »

  • What’s MG Reading // August 2012:

    Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math by Bill McKibben Image from: 350.org This article, published in Rolling Stone magazine, gained impressive readership once it was published in July – a major show of McKibben’s visibility & thought leadership, as well as the surprising interest of mainstream media readers to tune in to information on climate change. Read More »

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