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  • Stop the Durban Port Expansion in South Africa!

    Join us in supporting our friends and allies at theSouth Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA)! Help persuade the South African Government to drop the South Durban Port and Petro-Chemical Expansion for the betterment of local communities and society at large, and, if they disagree, launch divestment and financial sanctions campaigns against TransNet, Shell, BP, Engen Read More »

  • Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), A Climate Change Disaster As Result of Years of Imperialist Exploitation

    A Call for Supporting Relief Efforts Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) marks the 24th storm hitting the Philippines this year. In the past decade super typhoons and tsunamis caused by climate change have haunted communities in the Pacific, resulting in constant displacement and rebuilding each year. Eerily, Typhoon Haiyan arrives at the same time as UN climate Read More »

  • Take Action & Stay Tuned:

    We Reject the “Greed Economy” at Rio+20! This week, thousands of people will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for theUnited Nations Earth Summit, or Rio+20, (June 20-22) and the Cupula dos Povos or People’s Summit (June 15-23). The UN summit is pushing a “Green Economy” model that gives far too much leverage to corporate-led industry, whose main interest is Read More »

  • Occupy the Farm – Take Back the Gill Tract Needs Your Support!

      (photo credit: Subconscious Collective) On Earth Day 2012, Occupy the Farm: Take Back the Tract launched with an ongoing mass act of moral obedience – farming. People from all walks of life, including families, elders, neighbors and students, occupied the last best agricultural soil in the urbanized East Bay, known as the Gill Tract. Read More »

  • Tell Alameda County Sheriff Gregory J. Ahern: No More ICE Holds

    Thursday Nov 17th, a peaceful protestor was turned over to ICE for possible deportation. Pancho Ramos was arrested while meditating during the eviction of Occupy Oakland on Monday. Due to the S-Comm (misnamed Secure Communities) program, Pancho was caught in this dragnet that unfairly sweeps up community members for detention and deportation. As Pancho’s case Read More »

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