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  • COP17 Succumbs to Climate Apartheid: Antidote is Cochabamba Peoples’ Agreement

    Climate Justice Now! Press Release Reposted from Global Justice Ecology Project Video by Rebecca Sommers covering the Climate Justice Now! press conference, and protests that happened at the end of COP17. Durban, S. Africa, 11 December, 2011 – Decisions resulting from the UN COP17 climate summit in Durban constitute a crime against humanity, according to Read More »

  • Report Back: 1000 Durbans Day of Action @ Tassafaronga Farm

    On Dec 3, in solidarity with 1000 Durbans, 75 people came together to build up community resilience in East Oakland — a real solution to climate disruption. Under the leadership of Acta Non Verba and Communities for a Better Environment, we doubled the raised beds at a community farm. From toddlers to high school students Read More »

  • Durban to the Bay Area: Virtual Toxic Tour

    As part of the 1000 Durbans Day of Action for Climate Justice, we produced posters that illustrate the linkages between toxic industries in Durban, South Africa and the Bay Area, California.  These posters were put on display at the Bay Area’s 1000 Durbans action – a community garden work day at the Tassafaronga Farm in Read More »

  • Sat, Dec 3rd: 1000 Durbans for Climate Justice

    Building Resilience, Building Community Power Saturday, December 3, 2011 10am – 4pm Tassafaronga Recreation Center 975 – 85th Avenue Even as the 1% profiting from pollution and environmental racism here in Oakland and around the world, they continue to propose false solutions to climate change designed to make more profits instead of improve the health Read More »

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