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  • New Short Film: Our Power Campaign: Communities United for a Just Transition!

    Feb 11 is the twentieth anniversary of President Bill Clinton’s Environmental Justice Executive Order. This order was a critical milestone––official acknowledgement of environmental racism and the disproportionate impact that frontline communities of color and low-income communities face from toxic pollution. Frontline communities continue to lead the fight for environmental justice and a powerful new alliance Read More »

  • What’s MG Reading: The Cali Drought, Part 1

    What’s MG Reading The Cali Drought, Part 1 With the driest year on record, and an ongoing dryspell that has everyone in the state baffled by the lack of rainfall –  all eyes are on the future of California’s water.  Whether you’re a small rancher worried about the health of your herd and your livelihood; Read More »

  • A Note on the Polar Vortex:

    Let’s be clear: The current polar vortex does not disprove global warming or that the climate is changing. Rather extreme heat waves and cold snaps; droughts and floods; wildfires and superstorms are all manifestations of MASSIVE CLIMATE DISRUPTION. Global warming does not mean that it gets warmer everywhere all of the time. As global temperatures Read More »

  • Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), A Climate Change Disaster As Result of Years of Imperialist Exploitation

    A Call for Supporting Relief Efforts Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) marks the 24th storm hitting the Philippines this year. In the past decade super typhoons and tsunamis caused by climate change have haunted communities in the Pacific, resulting in constant displacement and rebuilding each year. Eerily, Typhoon Haiyan arrives at the same time as UN climate Read More »

  • Women’s Healing Clinic 2013 | Nov 8-9

    November 8-9 10am-5pm FREE – First Come, First Serve Sessions @ Humanist Hall (390 27th St, Oakland) Free & metered parking available Are there women in your life that hold trauma and physical illnesses and could really use some natural healing? Do you have comrades, organizational members or relatives that don’t access this care because it’s Read More »

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