Workshops & Strategy Retreats

Movement Generation facilitates workshops, strategy sessions, and retreats to develop a shared analysis of the ecological crisis and its impacts on urban communities of color.

Training & Strategy Retreats

Our Training and Strategy Retreats are our flagship program and participants consistently find them a transformative experience. Annually, MG selects a cohort of 25-30 local and national leaders of racial, economic and environmental justice movements to attend two three-day retreats at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in Sonoma County that combine in-depth discussion of ecological justice issues with structured presentations and trainings by expert ecologists and organizers. The first retreat focuses on literacy and analysis of local and global ecology, and the state of the ecological crisis. The second focuses on strategy and the implications for organizing in urban communities of color.


We also work with partnering grassroots organizations and alliances to provide customized, interactive workshops to engage staff and members as they integrate an ecological lens into their work. Here are a few examples:

* MG facilitated a series of EcoSchools for the Right to the City Alliance member organizations and allies in 5 regions. The series featured both an analytical/training component and small group breakout sessions to strategize around the particular impacts of the crisis in their region.

* Working with our partner PODER in San Francisco, MG developed a workshop to develop community members’ analysis around the value of fostering a grassroots economy. In the workshop, participants shared the ways people must “get by” or “get ahead” in the current global economy and then brainstormed the value of “getting together.”


The curriculum for many of our workshops is available on our website in English and Spanish.  If you are interested in learning more about our workshops, retreats, or curriculum, please contact   (510) 649-1475

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