Resilience-Based Organizing

We believe that building the capacity of communities to be responsive to changing conditions, both economically and ecologically, is key in the vision of ecological justice. Resilience Based Organizing (RBO) is the idea that people work together to directly meet their needs through shared work, democratic self-governance and, ultimately, confronting and transforming unjust policy as a critical ingredient for ecological restoration and community resilience. The approach departs from traditional campaign-based organizing in which communities identify a problem/issue and then target a political figure with decision-making power to change rules or implement regulations in order to alleviate that problem, therefore depending on existing structures of power. Instead, Resilience-Based Organizing organizes people into a collective effort to meet the need at hand through direct democratic decision-making and physical implementation by those who are being impacted by the problem. It often does this with the knowledge or the intention, of butting up against legal or political barriers that force the questions of whether we have the right to self-govern and take right action in our own interests. RBO combines meeting our needs through visionary, ecologically responsive action with confronting illegitimate rule.

Movement Generation has begun documenting, building upon and catalyzing this form of power building with our collaborative partners here in the Bay Area (Urban Tilth in Richmond and People Organized to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights – PODER in San Francisco) as well as with our broader set of allies.


[ Downloadable Powerpoint presentation ] for MG-PODER-Urban Tilth’s learning exchange in Detroit March 2013.   (510) 649-1475

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