Earth Skills

Earth Skills Training Series

Movement Generations’ Earth Skills training track is a series of interactive, land-based workshops. They are designed to help us restore and manage our relationship to our own work and to the resources that meet our basic needs. We see this as a critical part of building resilience in marginalized communities. Organizers, community members and all participants will gain practical skills that both help communities weather the impacts of the ecological crises, lighten our collective footprint on the planet and practice managing our resources without government or corporate oversight so that we can ensure equity. We aim to cultivate these skills in organized communities that want to build power by creating community controlled economies.

See MG’s 2012 Earth Skills Calendar HERE!

Past Earth Skills trainings include:

* Urban Composting & Soil Preparation
* Rooftop Gardens & Working with Medicinal Plants and Herbs
* Rainwater Harvesting – Installing Rainwater Catchment Systems


Permaculture for the People

Permaculture is a whole design science that is reflective of natural patterns and promotes mutually beneficial relationships. Rooted in ethics, the concepts and principles of Permaculture help us rediscover how to be a positive contribution to the earth, ourselves and humanity.”

For Movement Generation, Permaculture acts as a concrete manifestation of one of our core ‘solutions strategies’ - community resiliency. It is a framework for a way of life that harmoniously accompanies our anti-oppression, anti-capitalist and ecological justice world view and brings completeness to our work towards healthy, empowered and self-determinant communities. It gives individuals and communities the concrete, hands-on, day-to-day skills to start living out the solution pathway, and we feel strongly about the organizing strength it can lend to local campaigns to move ecologically just policies around critical issues such as water use, public transportation and legalization of sustainable alternative land uses (i.e. greywater systems, water-less toilets & community based food production, common ownership of public land, etc).

Our vision for fostering a multi-sectoral and holistic movement for ecological justice is rooted in deliberate and coordinated mass action among key racial, economic & environmental justice organizations in the Bay. Our approach in bringing Permaculture for the People is to make it a step towards this end.

Specifically, this includes instruction on:

- spacial layout in energy efficient zones
- designing systems that maximize community cooperation
- valuing every person’s contribution to a community
- urban food production and real nutrition
- natural building and solar and other energy efficiency techniques
- how to use the least amount of energy for the most benefit
- sustainable gardening/ farming
- maximizing use of local resources (lessoning eco-footprint)
- healing with elements of the Earth
- using patterns found in nature as a model for our spacial designs and social organization…and tons more!

Permaculture Design Courses take place all around the country (and the world, for that matter). Some are more focused on the agricultural aspect of social settlements, others on local indigenous knowledge. What’s exceptional about MG’s Permaculture for the People is that we believe it will be the first of it’s kind in 2 critical ways:

1) We will present permaculture within the ecological justice analysis - meaning, that we see it as a major and critical framework within our overall solutions framework for a necessary and just transition from a carbon, consumption, and profit-based economy to the participatory and life-affirming, need-based society we envision for the future.
2) The rural-urban connection - most PDC’s are either held in an rural area, or happen as a series of weekend courses in the city. This is the first program that we know of that will offer lessons in both the rural and the urban setting, with an emphasis on transforming cities for social change.


For more information about Earth Skills Trainings and the Permaculture for the People course, contact Carla Perez at   (510) 649-1475

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