MG on KPFA: International Women’s Day

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For International Women’s Day, a few women from the MG community were asked by KPFA’s Women’s Magazine to sit down for an interview. We talked about how we became a part of ecological justice work, how we integrate families as part of our politics, and highlighted some of our most current work. Doria Robinson, Carla Perez, Ellen Choy were featured.

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MG on KPFA: “Precipitation for the People: Learning to Harvest Rain in the Mission District”

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1899553_431163543686674_506263492_oThanks to KPFA for coming out to this past weekend’s MG Earth Skills training, and putting together this great 5 minute piece!  Laura Garzon of KPFA shares what the event was about, and features the voices of Oscar Grande of PODER, Carla Perez of MG, and Sara Flores of ReCLAIM who spoke as a participant in the training. Listen in!

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“Keystone XL Has a Job For You” Wins At the 2014 Clear the Air Film Fest!

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Last Thursday, March 6, the seven finalists’ films for the Clear the Air Film Fest were screened at the New People Cinema in San Francisco’s Japantown.  We’re excited to announce that Keystone XL Has a Job For You won “Top Community Short” and “Audience Favorite”! Congratulations to writer/producer/lead actor (and MG Culture Shift Fellow) Josh Healey, lead actor Donte Clark, director Yvan Iturriaga, and the rest of the crew that helped create the video.  Stay tuned, as the film now moves on as a feature in the San Francisco Green Film Festival’s ‘Future Filmmaker’ Screening on May 1st at the Roxie Theatre in SF.


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New Short Film: Our Power Campaign: Communities United for a Just Transition!

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37-President-Clinton-EJ-Executive-Order-White-House-Oval-Office-Washington-DC-1994Feb 11 is the twentieth anniversary of President Bill Clinton’s Environmental Justice Executive Order. This order was a critical milestone––official acknowledgement of environmental racism and the disproportionate impact that frontline communities of color and low-income communities face from toxic pollution.

Frontline communities continue to lead the fight for environmental justice and a powerful new alliance is emerging to confront one of the greatest environmental injustices of our times: the destabilization of our climate. We want to share with you a powerful short film about an exciting new initiative: the Our Power Campaign!




Last summer the Black Mesa Water Coalition hosted communities from around the country who are fighting the devastating impacts of coal from the mountaintops of Appalachia to the mesas of Navajo Country. They were joined by leaders from allied communities who are sick of being exploited, poisoned and denied access to meaningful employment. These organizers shared experiences, strategized together and united around a common vision of Just Transition away from the Extractive Economy that is failing all our communities and threatening the future of our planet. Together we formed the Climate Justice Alliance and launched the Our Power Campaign.

BgM2Z-cCYAAFftj.jpg-largeToday we invite you for a front row seat into the beauty of this historic convening and the inspiring possibilities of the Our Power Campaign. Please, spare a few minutes to watch this short, powerful film and spread the word about this exciting new initiative by sharing the film widely!

Share the short film!:

Learn more about Our Power:

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Comedy Video Premiere: “Keystone XL Has a Job for You!” #OurPublicComment

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It’s here! Today, Movement Generation is excited to announce the release of the comedic video “Keystone XL Has a Job for You!”

Be among the first to see it here:


Today is the opening day of the State Department’s new public comment period on Keystone XL. For us here at Movement Generation — this video is our public comment.

Combining environmental justice politics with hilarious satire straight out of the Daily Show, ‘Keystone XL Has a Job for You!’ is the first comedic video released by MG. Written by and starring Josh Healey (MG Culture Shift Fellow) and Donte Clark (of RAW Talent), the video is a comedic twist on one of today’s most serious environmental issues — the Keystone XL pipeline and tar sands oil development.

The video dismantles the false division between a strong economy and a clean environment. The oil industry claims that the Keystone XL pipeline would create thousands of jobs. But in a project fueling so many environmental and health risks, what types of jobs would it really create? “Keystone XL has a Job for You!” answers that question through brilliant, outrageous satire.

And the video doesn’t just confront the problem — it also offers solutions. In real life, four of the actors represent unions and community organizations that are creating quality jobs and building alternatives to the extreme energy industry. These groups are building resistance and resilience in Richmond, CA and beyond. In addition, MG is using the video to amplify the Our Power Campaign, a national grassroots effort to create millions of climate jobs – jobs that meet people’s needs while caring for natural resources and ecosystems.

Watch the video and access more info on our resource page:

And if you like the video…please share it!

#KeystoneComedy #NoKXL #ClimateJustice #OurPublicComment


Why is Movement Generation making this video? Click here to read more.

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