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The Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project provides in-depth analysis and information about the global ecological crisis and facilitates strategic planning for action among leading organizers from urban-based organizations, in the Bay Area and beyond, working for economic and racial justice in communities of color.

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Building the Movement to Reclaim OUR POWER! From Richmond to New York

Posted August 18, 2014

Report from the Our Power National Convening in Richmond, CA

On Aug 6-9, the Our Power Campaign National Convening brought together 450 frontline community members from across the country joining in Richmond, CA to “build the bigger we” for a just transition toward local, living economies.


Ana Manuela de Jesus Chã, Landless Workers Movement (MST) speaks alongside CJA leaders on an opening plenary.

Co-hosted by the Richmond Environmental Justice Coalition (REJC) and the national Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), we’d like to give our thanks to the many dedicated community members who gave so many hours to the success of our convening.


Photo credit: Shadia Fayne Wood

We kicked off the week with a public vigil commemorating the 2012 Chevron refinery explosion that sent 15,000 Contra Costa county residents to the hospital.

We spent three beautiful days together to educate, inspire and strategize with one another, including a powerful plenary on the history of the environmental justice movement, some of which we captured on film.

We ended three days later with a vibrant day of action and art on the Richmond Greenway.

Don’t miss the beautiful “storify, created by MG’s Ellen Choy, that tells the story of the Richmond convening using social media, photographs, videos, and press articles.


Photo credit: Farhad Ebrahimi

On the Our Power Campaign website, you can see the press releaseopening day announcement, and a media advisory about the day of action.

We are also very fortunate that highly talented photographers contributed their time and energy to photo-documenting the convening and day of action.


Next up.. the People’s Climate March in New York City!

Take Direct Action for Climate Justice!

Join the Our Power Campaign in New York City for

The People’s Climate March
September 21
The People’s Climate Justice Summit
September 22 & 23 

On September 23rd, political and corporate leaders are meeting at the United Nations in New York City for the Climate Summit 2014. This summit represents yet another step towards the corporate takeover of the UN climate negotiations, and the privatization of land, water and air resources under the guise of a global climate compact. If they have their way, we will remain mired in the status quo of climate change, when what we need is a fundamental systems change.

The Our Power Campaign is mobilizing for the People’s Climate March to send a clear message to global leaders that It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm. The only solutions to the climate crisis are community led solutions.

The March will be on September 21st in New York City. Following the March, we will be hosting the People’s Climate Justice Summit concurrently with the UN Meeting, on September 22nd and 23rd.

Stay tuned for more information next week about how you can join the Our Power Campaign in New York. In the meantime, read our People’s Climate March Call to Action and begin making your plans for action in September–either in New York or in your own community.

We are asking you to help us spread the word by circulating the People’s Climate March Pledge, to your members and networks.

Check out our new creative resistance campaign to spread the message that It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm–consider creating a piece art that we can share as a poster or image to share via our social media sites.

Finally, in the coming months, be sure to keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook.


Charity Hicks, Presente!

Posted July 9, 2014

Visionary. Healer. Big heart. Full hands. We send our love to all those feeling the loss of Detroit freedom fighter and beloved community member Charity Hicks in our lives. Her brilliant way of putting the pieces together so that we all might glimpse the beauty of the whole; and her clarity on the need for unrelenting, intense struggle with love.

Charity Hicks Presente!


Charity was a warrior on the front lines of the fight for the human right to water in Detroit. Catch her power and wisdom in this informal interview with her about Detroit’s current water crisis:


And we were moved by these words (below) from comrades of La Via Campesina in Haiti, written when Charity was hospitalized. Charity played a major role in hosting the delegates from the G4 and Dessalines Brigade in both New York and Detroit last October, when they were awarded the Food Sovereignty Prize. When they heard about what happened to Charity, they put together this message of love and solidarity to her, her family members and compas:

Haiti, June of 2014

To family members and comrades of our beloved Charity,

From our hearts, embraced to Charity’s, we salute fraternally her family and we are strengthened in our thought of her, our tireless comrade in the struggle for a more just for all world and all. We think of the cheerful and energetic sister and her hunger for life and the struggle.

And we know, she has not surrendered or will not surrender today. We are at her side. She represents the seeds, fruit of life, wisdom and love; and we – women and men – peasants are the guardians of the seeds and are attentive to see it germinate and fill the fields of hope.

We are sending an empowering energy from Haiti through the Caribbean Sea that will reach New York and Detroit to touch the hearts of Charity, her family and comrades.

By La Via Campesina in Haiti and 4 G Kontre:

Peasant Movement of Papay
Tèt Kole Peasant Association
Congress of the Peasant Movement of Papay
Regional Coordination of Organizations of the Southwest Region
Internationalist Solidarity Dessalines Brigade in Haiti/Via Campesina-Brazil

We also encourage folks to consider donating to the Charity Hicks “Wage Love” Fund – for her family and community.

This fund will specifically go towards:
-Covering immediate costs of bringing Charity home to Detroit and holding a proper home going service.
-Sustaining Charity’s husband Louis while he takes unpaid family medical leave from work.

Donate here online.


MG’s Newest Video Satire: The Greenest Man In America

Posted June 24, 2014

Going green is about more than buying all the gluten-free quinoa you can fit in your Prius. It’s about community organizing against corporate polluters and challenging environmental racism — and then enjoying your quinoa. That’s the message from MG’s newest  video satire, The Greenest Man In America.

Written by our own Josh Healey, the video features Healey alongside Richmond, CA environmental justice activist Lipo Chanthanasak. A refugee from Laos and long-time leader in the fight against Richmond’s destructive Chevron oil refinery, Lipo is unexpectedly named the “Greenest Man in America.” Playing off a certain popular commercial, the video invites viewers to question our concept of what — and who — makes for an environmental leader.

Movement Generation is excited for the video to amplify the Our Power Campaign, which is building a just transition from an extractive economy run by corporations to local, living economies that are healthy and thriving. This summer, Richmond will host the Our Power National Convening from August 6-9, coinciding with the second anniversary of the massive Chevron refinery fire.

To learn more about the Our Power National Convening, click here.

To learn more about APEN and Lipo’s work, click here.

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The Launch of the Race, Class, & Ecology Public Series:

Posted May 28, 2014

Working Our Way Out of the Crisis: Climate Justice & the Working Class

RC&E_LaborThurs, June 12
@ California Nurses Association
2000 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA 

Co-sponsored by Jobs with Justice San Francisco

Race, Class, & Ecology is MG’s new series of free public events to amplify and advance the vibrant social movement leading the Just Transition away from profit and pollution and towards healthy, resilient, and life-affirming economies. From labor to land reclamation to black & brown liberation, the series will feature organizers, intellectuals, and ecologists who are building grassroots people power in the US.

MG will launch our Race, Class, & Ecology series with a conversation between workers, union organizers, and climate justice leaders on moving from “Jobs OR the environment” to “Jobs FOR the environment.”

Stay tuned for more details, including an announcement of our featured speakers!

Questions? Email


Stop the Durban Port Expansion in South Africa!

Posted May 28, 2014

Photo credit: IDEX

Join us in supporting our friends and allies at theSouth Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA)! Help persuade the South African Government to drop the South Durban Port and Petro-Chemical Expansion for the betterment of local communities and society at large, and, if they disagree, launch divestment and financial sanctions campaigns against TransNet, Shell, BP, Engen and other companies involved.

In the port city of Durban, South Africa, petrochemical conglomerates are pushing a $25 million Dig-Out Port expansion project that will wreak untold havoc on the surrounding communities’ ecology, economy and safety. The project would also displace thousands of people from their homes. SDCEA and other environmental groups are working hard to stop the large petro-chemical and shipping corporations from moving forward with the expansion. Join us in calling for sustainable and environmentally sound alternative development that puts people over profit.

Sign this petition now to add your voice and support their call for international solidarity!

For more info, click here.

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